Welcome to Strident. This is our story.

Strident was founded on the belief that every runner deserves an equal opportunity to reach their goals.

Training programs are an important part of any runner’s journey to meeting these goals. Since every runner has unique goals and experience, we believe that it is crucial that everyone has access to training programs that are tailored to their individual needs.

Through our unique approach, we are committed to bringing customized training programs to runners of all levels to make running more accessible and affordable.

How Does It Work?

We have spent the last few years building a catalog of hundreds of training plans based on 4 key parameters: race distance, experience level, session frequency, and duration.

Within each parameter, athletes are able to self-select the option that fits them best, allowing for Strident to offer a training plan customized to the specific needs of the athlete at a fraction of the cost of traditional personalized programming.

Mission Beyond Profit

We strive to be a company that is propelled forwards by impact instead of dollar signs.

We choose to reinvest a portion of the profit from every race we partner with so that we can do our part in developing the grassroots events that the running community so desperately needs to live and grow.

As we continue to grow ourselves, we hope to further catalyze impact via the Strident Foundation, a project to invest in the needs of local running communities.

Stride + Strive Community

Running is about more than the self, it is also about finding connection through community. When you purchase a Strident training plan, you are also becoming part of the Stride + Strive community.

We want to showcase the athletes in our community, tell their stories, and give you all the chance to connect and support each other. As an added perk, we want to offer exclusive deals with partners.