Welcome to Strident

We are on mission to change the sport of running by making customized training plans accessible to all athletes.

Our unique approach allows athletes to self-select key parameters (race distance, experience level, training frequency, and duration) to find a personalized training plan tailored to you, at a fraction of the cost.

Stride + Strive Training Plans

Training plans built to your specific needs

We have spent the last few years building a catalog of hundreds of training plans based on 4 key parameters: race distance, experience level, session frequency, and duration.

Within each parameter, athletes are able to self-select the option that fits them best, allowing for Strident to offer a training plan customized to the specific needs of the athlete at a fraction of the cost of traditional personalized programming.

Membership to the Stride + Strive athlete community

When you purchase a plan, you become part of the Stride + Strive athlete community. No matter what race distance or experience level you may be, we give you the opportunity and platform to connect and support each other on our journeys.

We believe community is an integral part of being a Strident athlete and we are so happy to see athletes sharing, connecting, and supporting on Strava, social media, and through the newsletter.

Exclusive offers with community partners

We are constantly working to bring perks to our Stride + Strive community via partnerships with brands in adjacent spaces.

In our weekly newsletter you will receive updates on discount codes and exclusive offers with our community partners.

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